About Aile Gallery

Contemporary art. Alternative art.  Modern art. Where is the truth?
May be the real name is not invented yet. We define it as just Art.

What do we need in a today’s world?

Something unique. That makes you think. May be it shocks you. You can love or hate it. You can feel that it is brilliant. You can say that it is not an art. But you can’t resist to see it again. To think. To talk about it or never try to describe it.

Welcome to Aile Gallery. Hope you find The Inspiration here. We will show you the best things that exists in Art World. We work with artists around the world who will help us to communicate with masterpieces.

Aile Gallery is for everyone – share with us things that should be shared. Yours or unknown.

Contact Aile Gallery – info@ailegallery.com (English, Русский, Français)

*picture on the Main page – Alex Andreev “To Charles Fort”

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